dance medicine in practice (Part 2: upper body)


Fr 2. Dezember – So 4. Dezember 2022


2. Dez. 13.00 – 17.00 Uhr
3. / 4.Dez 9.30 Uhr – 16.30 Uhr


Centre national de la danse, 1 Rue Victor Hugo, 93507 Pantin, France


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Comprehensive insights into one’s own body and the knowledge and self-experience of anatomical interrelationships, can support dancers and dance teachers in perceiving and transmitting movement quality in an even more conscious and healthier way. Keeping this in mind this workshop focuses on the analyse of the body’s inner architecture, the unconscious movement habits and the very individual anatomy of the participants. Based on the methods of Spiral-Dynamics, Osteopathy, Fascial Awareness, Feldenkrais and Ideokinesis, the participants will experience how to explore the individual anatomy practically in the dance context. They will enhance their knowledge of movement analysis and learn how to identify and improve potentially harmful movement patterns – not only in dance, but also in everyday life. With focus on the core and upper body the workshop will lead through anatomy and biomechanics. Analytical concepts and practical application will engage in a constant interplay. This course is mainly addressed to experienced dancers and dance teachers.


Tänzer und Tanzpädagogen (Erwachsenenpädagogik)

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Centre national de la danse, 1 Rue Victor Hugo, 93507 Pantin, France