Seminar as part of the Master's programme in Dance Education at the Palucca University of Dance


Mon, 14 November to Sat, 19 November 2022


All day


Palucca University of Dance Dresden, Basteiplatz 4, 01277 Dresden


Participation only possible within the framework of studies at the Palucca University of Dance Dresden

The aim of the teaching is to impart basic dance-medical, dance-physiological and sports-scientific knowledge relevant to dance, which will enable the students to set up dance training based on dance medicine, to adjust the rehearsal process physiologically to the dancers and to create training plans based on dance medicine. Through the examination of dance-medically significant topics from the areas of applied anatomy, movement analysis and performance diagnostics, the students are enabled to train and support students of all ages according to physiological-anatomical findings, both in group training and in the context of targeted individual coaching.

Teaching content Module 7

  • Introduction to Dance Medicine
  • The anatomical nomenclature of movement
  • Seeing - analysing - recognising movement: Introduction to Spiral Dynamics
  • Stable on your feet - knee coordination unit
  • The musculature - motor and movement
  • The skeletal system - bones, cartilage and joints
  • The nervous system - conductor of the body
  • Dancing with brains - Planning the training part 1
  • Endurance - the basis of resilience
  • Flexibility - stretching is part of dancing
  • The foot as a basis


Students Master Dance Pedagogy at the Palucca University of Dance Dresden

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Palucca University of Dance Dresden, Basteiplatz 4, 01227 Dresden