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Dance Medicine

Dancers strain their bodies to get the most movement possible out of every joint. Even minimal loss of mobility can lead to definite limitations. If left untreated, these lead to chronic overloading, continual pain, and wear and tear.

Dance medicine offers an ideal combination of preventive medicine and therapy. Through specific diagnosis and treatment, it improves the rehabilitation of typical dance injuries. The main goal is to completely restore the ability to function. Through both analysis of the dance technique and specific programs for training, one can prevent injuries from becoming chronic.

Dance Medical Check-up

The goal of this basic examination is to get to know one's own body better, to accept one's own limits and learn to work with them. After analysis of the physical limits and weak points, an individual training and preventive program will be worked out, which should improve one’s dancing and technique, and prevent injuries.

This check-up is suitable for presentation at application examinations, as an entrance exam for professional companies, or simply for one's own personal information. If desired the check-up can take place at the studio or at the theatre.

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