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Dancers are the high performance athletes of the stage.

Embedded in performance schedules, theatre productions and artistic projects, dancers demonstrate extreme physical performance. Meanwhile, the rehearsal schedules, training conditions and stage sets are rarely accommodated to the dancers' specific needs. It seems difficult to suit the theatre schedule to the dancers’ physiology of training. Dancers have to be at their peak all year, specific training plans for dancers are lacking. This is not just true in professional dance. Even amateurs and dance students rarely train according to physiological aspects of performance, and often strain themselves beyond their limits.

On-site coaching can help. Accommodating the classes and rehearsal plans to the physiological needs of the dancers and students, optimizing the external conditions and climate in the studios and giving individual coaching can allow for an integration of the newest dance medicine findings into dancers' daily life, enabling longer, healthier careers in dance.

In competitive sports, coaching is taken for granted, why not in dance?

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